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Nursery Stock Gallery

(20 Photos) Visit Shawano Lawn and Stone today! Talk with our staff who know landscaping & gardening and get the answers you need to have a beautiful landscaped yard. Choose from the area's largest selection of nursery stock, landscaping products and outdoor decor, all in one convenient location in in the heart of Shawano, Wisconsin. Click Image to see Gallery.

Landscape & Garden Supplies

(8 Photos) At Shawano Lawn and Stone we have an ample supply of landscaping tools, equipment, material, and garden supplies for whatever the job you are doing. Click Image to see Gallery.

Decor & Gift Gallery

(13 Photos) Need to add that special touch to your garden or landscaping? Shawano Lawn and Stone is your one stop shop for great decorations and accessories. Whether it’s a flag, rain gauge, cement decoration or bird feeder, Shawano Lawn and Stone offers it all. Click Image to see Gallery.

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Landscape & Hardscape Projects

(28 Photos) Need ideas for your landscaping projects? Don’t know where to start? We have the answer, Shawano Lawn and Stone. We can help you design, implement and complete your landscaping project. Whether it’s a “Do It Yourself” project, or if you are looking to have us complete your project for you, Shawano Lawn and Stone specializes in landscaping projects. Click Image to see Gallery.

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Outdoor Living

(28 Photos) We do many things to improve your home's landscape and exterior. Here are some pictures of Outdoor Living Projects which we have done. Whether you're playing volleyball in the backyard, grilling out with a few friends or having a cozy campfire we have the solutions for you. Let us know how we can help you find more enjoyment in your yard! Click Image to see Gallery.

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Irrigation System

(3 Photos) The Irrigation Division at Shawano Lawn and Stone is second to none. Our work includes new installations for residential and business. If you draw your water from a natural source such as a river or lake we also can winterize your system in the fall and prepare your system for the spring. Our irrigation systems are designed for automatic draining. What this means to you is that your new system does not have to be blown out in the fall, the system is simply turned off, and your work is done.

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Ice Shove Damage

(3 Photos) Some of our local lakes create temporary shoreline damage over the course of the winter months, as a result of ice heaving. Over years the ice can actually reduce your overall shoreline property and makes your property less valuable. In springtime we deploy our equipment to regrade shorelines and clean up whatever results in damage.