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Trees & Shrubs

There is a wide variety of trees and shrubs at Shawano Lawn and Stone. From evergreens to fruit trees, you can find it all. Trees and shrubs make a great asset to your property. With maturity, a tree is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can save on cooling costs in summer. Evergreens can provide great winter interest and cover and also provide a wind break from drifting snow and harsh winter winds. We will work with you to select the trees and shrubs for your project and install them. With our larger balled and burlap trees, we have the equipment capable of doing an easy installation for you on your property.

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New Lawn Installation & Existing Lawn Care

Whether you need a brand new lawn or you need your existing lawn redone or re-vitalized we have the equipment to handle it. We have the right sized equipment to do the job. We can create a new lawn in large or small areas with our multi sized lawn preparators. We also can install sod, if you are looking for an immediate lawn. We also have equipment to renovate your lawn, a non-invasive technique that refurbishes your existing lawn.

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The nursery at Shawano Lawn and Stone is ever changing. We strive to keep our plants, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials up to date with both the very popular plants and plants that have only recently been introduced from our growers. Our nursery is laid out and organized for optimal shopping as well as care, and we hope to make your visit to our nursery lot enjoyable.

Among the plants you’ll find many other products such as wind chimes, metal art, rock concealment products, statuary, wall art and unique creative outdoor accents. When we buy our products, our intentions are to not only provide what you as our customers like, but bring you things that have never been seen before and are most current in the Gardening Center industry.

The members of our team are very knowledgeable, and are there to help with your questions, give you ideas and help you load up your merchandise.

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Bulk Aggregate Products

Got a big project and need to purchase material in bulk? No problem, we carry over a dozen different types of landscape materials, from decorative landscape stone and sand, to different mulches and fieldstone. We will load you here in our yard, or even more conveniently, we can deliver the material you need right to the location of your project. We have smaller dump trucks so we can place the material very close to your work site in most cases.

We stock natural mulches (hemlock, brown, red and cedar), sand fill, ¾ and 1½” Mississippi River Rock, ¾” and 1 ½” washed stone, rustic granite, limestone screenings, fieldstone and crushed limestone for driveways.

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Outdoor Living

Shawano Lawn and Stone knows how you love to be in the outdoors. And we can help you spend your valuable time living in the outdoors. Whether it’s entertaining your friends and family on your brick patio, enjoying a warm campfire fire toasting marshmallows with your grandchildren, or grilling a dinner for your family in your outdoor kitchen space, we can help you with ideas for your project. Perhaps you would like a pergola to create a shady niche for reading a book, or a deck or patio right off your home for grilling; we can do it all. Together, we can create unique ideas for the unique family that you are.

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Brick Pavers & Stonework

Hardscaping (brick pavers and stonework) is utilizing materials that create permanent features in your landscape. We use a variety of materials on our patios, walkways and retaining walls. We have a wide variety of paving brick for your patios, landings and walkways. We use natural stone such as flagstone steppers to create very natural and beautiful pathways and walkways.

We offer many different ways to create a fire pit area in the form of fire pit kits that we can construct for you, or assist your ‘do it yourself’ project. We can create sitting areas around the fire pit with paving brick or even some of our bulk stone products such as rustic granite that define the area we are creating with you.

Perhaps you need a retaining wall. There are man-made blocks in many colors and sizes as well as natural fieldstone that make for a beautiful and natural transition in your yard. Wooden timbers are equally as popular to define garden beds and retaining walls.

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Give your lawn and garden beds some definition with a wide variety of creative edging. We carry different shapes, colors and sizes at our Waukechon St. location. You can do it yourself, or have us stop out to look at what you need help with. Combine a nice edging with some new plants and mulch or landscape stone and voila!…….a fresh new look to your yard or business.

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Water Features

Add a little beauty to your yard and a soothing aspect to your life in the form of a pond or waterfall. We do pondless waterfalls for smaller areas as well. We also offer you assistance with the maintenance of your water feature.


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Water Drainage

Perhaps you have ponding water, a damp basement, or water that simply seems to go nowhere; we can help you with that in a variety of ways. Maybe the solution is remedying the slope around your building, or perhaps the correct solution could be burying your downspouts under your lawn so the water flows away and not over your lawn. We have a wide variety of techniques we can use to help you with drainage problems. Shawano Lawn and Stone is there to assist you.

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New Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems/Existing System Maintenance & Repair

The Irrigation Division at Shawano Lawn and Stone is second to none. Our work includes new installations for residential and business. If you draw your water from a natural source such as a river or lake we also can winterize your system in the fall and prepare your system for the spring. Our irrigation systems are designed for automatic draining. What this means to you is that your new system does not have to be blown out in the fall, the system is simply turned off, and your work is done. For those of you that have older systems, we can retrofit for a new system and make it an automatic draining system.

We offer timers that allow portions of your lawn to be watered at different times depending on the amount of sunlight and direction it faces. We also install systems that understand when it has rained and refrains from turning the irrigation system on with a special sensor that tells the system that the lawn is adequately watered.

Not into watering your plants individually? We can install drip line systems within your flower beds. This type of irrigation delivers a small amount of water individually to each plant, operated on a timer, from your water spigot, to keep you from having to water your plants during dry periods. We use the Rainbird type of sprinkler head, which is engineered to deliver water where you need it, when you need it and not overwater, which makes it very environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

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