My Personal Gardener

My Personal Gardener is a new concept for Shawano Lawn and Stone. Our hope is it offers a convenient & timely service for the kind of clientele that maybe needs smaller gardening/maintenance/landscape projects done that may take only hours instead of multiple days. This is very hands on, we even have had customers work alongside our Gardening Crew. Of course, we are completely capable of completing your project with merely your direction.

We offer this service at a lower hourly rate than our larger landscape project rates. To that end; however, in light of the lower rate, we do not offer any sort of preliminary estimating/design work. You simply hire us, we'll discuss what we need to bring to your project and you will be billed at the hourly rate, plus materials. Projects that qualify for this are of the light gardening/landscaping/maintenance variety, where large equipment isn't needed. They are mainly hand labor, with hand tools and wheelbarrows. In many situations, they may even be ongoing re-curring/routine maintenance type services.

Let us do your work for you and then you can say...'Here Comes My Personal Gardener!'

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Services Available

• Fertilizing
• Pruning
• Planting
• Trimming
• Planting fall bulbs
• Splitting/dividing
• Amend soil
• Consultations for design/ideas
• Repositioning
• Mulching
• Spring/fall clean-up
• Plants
• Maintenance
• Deadheading
• Container plants


Call My Personal Gardener at (715) 524-2550 or
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