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garden supplies

Gardening & Landscaping Supplies and Tools

There’s no better place to acquisition your landscape tools and supplies than a Landscape and Nursery Center. We have all kinds of hand tools, baskets, cultivating tools, hand rakes, signage accessories, pruning equipment, shovels, gloves and much more; tools that you won’t find in a big box store, we specialize in the tools a gardener like you needs. Our gardening supplies are very specific to your needs and we have the knowledge and skills to help you go in the right direction. We have a wide variety of soil amendments, fertilizers, organic fertilizers, disease treatments, insect treatments, weed preventers, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, insecticide soaps, birdbath cleaners, landscape adhesives, typar, plant food and much more.

bird supplies

Bird Supplies

Our bird supplies are well stocked with a variety of bird houses, bird baths(even heated bird baths for the winter), bird food (including many suets) and bird feeders, including hummingbird nectar feeders. Many of our bird feeders are made locally and use recycled materials to be 'Green Friendly!'

garden art

Garden Art

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Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Do we have the landsdcape and garden accessories for you! Real garden bling! Inside our gift shop and outside in our nursery, you will find very unique and beautiful pieces of artwork to define your flower gardens and your style.

Be it rusted metal art, a door wreath, bird bath, concrete bench, an outdoor painting, wind chimes, spinners, animal statuary, or a memorial plaque, we have it. Nothing personalizes your flower garden and accents your outdoor living areas more than our variety of garden décor.

outdoor lighting


Let us help you accent your yard and landscaping with exterior landscape lighting. Perhaps you wish to accent your home or business for aesthetic or maybe even safety/security reasons, we can help you. Maybe it’s simply a focal point in your yard, a tree or element of your landscape that you want to highlight at night, our team can find the right light for you. We also offer holiday lighting. These are decorative lights for at Christmas time, Easter, and Valentine's Day. We can bring our light to your dark.

memorial statuary

Memorial Gifts & Statuary

Inside of our Statuary house we have various sizes and shapes of concrete statuary. We have chickens, frogs, gargoyles, birdbaths, spiritual plaques, gazing ball pedestals, cranes, bear, horses, fox and water fountains. Such a complete variety you’ll find nowhere in the area. We can also order statuary to be custom painted to your desire. We can even order it unpainted for you to paint!