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NEW Service! My Personal Gardener

My Personal Gardener is a new concept for Shawano Lawn and Stone. Our hope is it offers a convenient & timely service for the kind of clientele that maybe needs smaller gardening/maintenance/landscape projects done that may take only hours instead of multiple days. This is very hands on, we even have had customers work alongside our Gardening Crew. Of course, we are completely capable of completing your project with merely your direction.

walk in advice Ask The Gardener

Walk In Advice

We want you to feel welcome to ask for advice on any questions you have regarding plants or landscaping related topics. The team at Shawano Lawn and Stone includes Master Gardeners that are very experienced and knowledgeable about plants and landscaping. Unlike a big box store that is simply selling you a plant, we also want to help you understand your plants and their habits.

We want you to have success with your home’s landscaping and plant environment, and if you don’t know, the only way to find out is to ask us. We also know many of you simply want to do it yourself with landscape construction and we can help get you headed in the right direction with the many products we offer in our hardscape area.

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Landscape Design Build & Renovations

Landscape Renovation has become more popular in the last several years. Lots of people have decided to stay in their homes and not upsize or downsize. We have enjoyed being able to work with customers that want a new look in their same home. In some cases we are taking out what’s there and starting over. We also are seeing landscape downsizing and simplifying.

The result is a new look, and one that is more maintenance friendly. Feel free to consider us for any kind of landscape project you are considering.

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landscape maintenance

Landscape Maintenance & Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Maintenance is another growing aspect of Shawano Lawn and Stone. While we don’t do lawn care specifically, we do other yard related maintenance care for your residence, business or institution (such as a church, medical or government facility). Items such as tree pruning, garden bed cleanout, fall or spring pruning, dead heading, and leaf cleanup are things we can do.

We also can clean your patio, whether it’s concrete or brick, and give it a fresh new look. If you can think of it, give us a call. In most cases we have the equipment to handle it. If it’s out of our realm, we will tell you and often times be able to direct you to an industry peer that can help you.

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Snow Plowing / Snow Blowing

While our landscaping division is shut down over the winter months, we are still keeping busy with our snow removal services. We have a variety of plow trucks and skidsteers to assist with your snow plowing needs, whether it’s a small residential driveway or a larger business or institutional parking lot. Let us quote you a price for your property and take care of you reliably during and after snow events. We also offer salting services to alleviate any icing, as well as removing heavy snow from your roof with our shovels and snowrake equipment. We also offer snow blowing services.


Skidsteer Services

Shawano Lawn and Stone also offers our equipment for general useage with our operator. If you need a driveway done or grading done, give us a call. Maybe you need holes augered for a fence line or deck, we have the attachments to make your life easier. Our mini skidsteers are only 48” wide so we are able to get positioned into very tight places. If you need help, give us a call.

ice shove damage See Gallery

Ice Shove Damage

Some of our local lakes create temporary shoreline damage over the course of the winter months, as a result of ice heaving. Over years the ice can actually reduce your overall shoreline property and makes your property less valuable. In springtime we deploy our equipment to regrade shorelines and clean up whatever results in damage.

Better yet, get some of your neighbors to go along with you and we can reduce the overall cost by doing a bunch of shorelines at one time. This is considered shoreline maintenance and not something that needs to be permitted by Shawano County.