Property Management Care

Property Management Care

We are here to protect your investment. Don’t let your home care go! We are here to help.

Northern Property Care

Let the Northern Property Care team care for your home and guard against problems while you are away.  We know how valuable your investment is to you and we are ready to help you protect it.

We understand every home care situation is unique so we will work with you to create a custom program designed to meet your specific needs.

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Home Security Checks

Don’t see a service you require?  Just Ask!
Our Fees – In order for us to accurately quote a fee we would discuss your desired services & frequency which you require.

External Checks for:

  • Burglaries, fallen trees, snow load and more
  • A special check for your home after storms
  • LP Fuel Levels
  • Bulbs for security Lights

Internal Checks:

  • Visual inspection of interior walls, ceiling & floors
  • Functioning utilities
  • Heating systems & temperature control
  • Check crawl space or basement for water leaks
  • Run Water through all taps & faucets

Home Repair & Damage Assessment:

  • Should a problem be discovered on your property we will contact you for instructions. We have a network of professionals, who, upon your request can assess any damage & suggest the best repair option.

Lawn Care:

  • Mowing & leaf raking
  • Spring & Fall yard clean up
  • Tree & Shrub pruning
  • Mulching & Weeding
  • Watering planters & Flowers
  • Brush removal

Snow removal & Snow Plowing:

  • We will plow the snow to keep access
  • Remove snow load from roofs & patios if excessive