Landscaping rock project


From small scale updates to large scale complete makeovers, we can help you with any of your landscaping needs. From your front yard to your backyard, we can give you ideas that will make your neighbors envious. From flattening or creating hills to adding rock walls to adding ponds, new lawns, drainage issues, and patios we do it all.

Personal Gardener

My Personal Gardener

Want to plant a beautiful garden around your home, but don’t have the time or know-how to get it done? My Personal Gardener offers convenient and timely service for smaller gardening projects and maintenance. Plus we have the all the products and decorative ornaments you could ask for in our gift shop and on-site nursery.

Walk-in Advice

Have gardening questions? Look no further! Feel welcome to ask our knowledgeable staff any question you may have regarding your landscaping or gardening needs. Our unique blend of talented staff has hands-on experience with plants, gardens and lawn, including a wealth of resources to answer any question big or small.



The nursery at Shawano Lawn & Stone is ever changing. We always have a large variety of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials in the nursery so that you can find the perfect plant to personalize your garden and make it feel like your own. Need garden supplies? We have that too!

Snow Plowing/Blowing

While our landscaping division is shut down over the winter months, we are still keeping busy with our snow removal services. From small residential driveways to large businesses, we have you covered!

Skidsteer services for landscaping projects

Skidsteer Services

Shawano Lawn and Stone also offers our equipment for general useage with our operator. If you need a driveway or grading done, give us a call! Our mini skidsteers are only 48” wide, so we are able to get positioned into very tight places to complete whatever skidsteer project you have!

Water Drainage

Water Drainage

Is water building up in areas of your yard or perhaps you have water making its way into your basement or you just have water that simply seems to go nowhere; we can help! We can install a water drainage system on your property to drain water out of these problem areas so that you will no longer have to worry about it!

Ice Shove Damage

Some of our local lakes create shoreline damage over the course of the winter months as a result of ice heaving. In springtime, we deploy our equipment to regrade shorelines and clean up whatever results from the damage so that your property will look as great as it did before the winter!

Irrigation System Installation

The Irrigation Division at Shawano Lawn and Stone is second to none. Our work includes new installations for residential and business. If you draw your water from a natural source such as a river or lake we also can winterize your system in the fall and prepare your system for the spring.